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 What is 3/4?
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I. What is "Kèo 3/4"?
"Kèo 3/4" refers to the 3/4 Asian handicap in football betting. This type of bet is also known as the half-ball handicap. It is commonly seen in leagues such as the English Premier League and Euro tournaments. At first glance, betting on the team with the handicap advantage may seem more likely to win due to their higher ranking. However, for the team at the top of the table to win the bet, they need to win by a two-goal margin.
To start placing bets on this type of handicap, you need to be knowledgeable about the matches, the odds, and, especially, the skills of handicapping to increase your chances of winning against the bookmakers' odds. One of the strategies for betting on the 3/4 handicap is to wager on multiple matches within the same category. Keep track of and analyze the probabilities of each match.
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II. How to play the 3/4 handicap bet
Playing the 3/4 handicap bet is straightforward based on its name. The favored team is given a 3/4 goal handicap advantage over the underdog team. Here are some situations that can occur with this type of betting:
Scenario 1: If the favored team wins the match against the underdog team with a 1-0 score, the favored team wins half of the wagered money.
Scenario 2: If the favored team wins the match with a lead of two goals or more, all the wagered money will be lost.
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Scenario 3: If the match ends in a draw or the underdog team wins, the favored team loses the entire wagered amount.
IV. Tips for handicapping the 3/4 handicap bet
Most of us aim to win in games and betting. To achieve victory, you need to understand the rules of the game. Here are some handicapping tips for the 3/4 handicap bet that wants to share with players:
Consider the current form of teams

The form of teams is crucial, especially for weaker teams. This is an effective betting method that you should not overlook if you want to win. Generally, the ranking of a team somewhat reflects their performance and level. However, in football, it is not always predictable. Therefore, a team at the top of the ranking is more likely to win than a team at the bottom. If there is a significant difference in playing style and position between the two teams, don't hesitate to bet on the stronger team. However, the underdog team should not be given too much of a handicap advantage. Think carefully before the match and make your decision. Around 30 minutes before the match starts is an appropriate time to place your bet.

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Analyze the information about both teams' recent matches

Players can evaluate and analyze matches in various ways. Watching a football match live or through footage to observe the tactics of both teams is one way to analyze them. You are observing the tactical battle between the teams and individuals and how they influence the game's outcome.

First, you need to determine the formation for each team. Knowing the distribution of players on the field is the basis for analysis. From there, you will understand the players' positions and where their movements start. You need to start by identifying the formation when the ball is not in play or when your teammate shoots the ball

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